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You Make the Call

What College Freshmen Need to Hear from their Youth Pastors


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It’s the phone call at the bottom of your list.

You know you need to make it, but you’ve been putting it off.

On one hand, you feel a little guilty because you know it’s probably important, but on the other hand, you’re afraid of what you might learn. That fear keeps you a bit on edge when someone asks, “How are last year’s grads doing at college this fall?” With a growing pit in your stomach, you fake a smile and answer, “Oh, great—they’re digging into college life, and are starting to get involved in Christian community on campus and at a local church.” But while you hope this might be true, you really have no idea.

You have a hunch that they might be having a tough time in their first semester. You have a hunch that making friends and finding community is probably a real struggle for them. You have a hunch that the temptations to get involved in the drinking and party scene are huge—especially for the kids who were more straight-laced in high school—and you’re not entirely sure how firm they are standing.

But you haven’t picked up the phone to see if you’re right.


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