3 Ideas About Being An Imperfect Leader

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3 Ideas About Being An Imperfect Leader.

3 Ideas About Being An Imperfect Leader

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So keep reading the articles and applying the things you learn from the books – they are important! But as you lead imperfectly, try and remember these 3 ideas:

1. It’s OK to be an IM-perfect leader.  This is primarily because it’s impossible to be a perfect leader! You are going to make mistakes. You are going to look back at times and say “What was I thinking?!?”

That’s OK.

2. Learn from your mistakes. The worst mistakes you ever make are the ones you don’t learn from. Do what you can to correct them. Change course or back track if necessary. But most of all, learn the lessons of IM-perfection.

3. Keep getting better. It’s ok to be an IM-perfect leader. It’s not ok to not be getting better as a leader. Read that last sentence again. Now, here’s 3 ideas on how to keep getting better as an IM-perfect leader:

  • Focus on growing in the areas that matter. I would say this starts with your relationships – with God, your family and with others. Yes, the quality of your relationships really does affect the quality of your leadership.
  • Create & follow a personal leadership development plan. Being intentional about growing as a leader is critical. It’s where all the articles, books and conferences come in. It’s where having a mentor becomes important. It’s where recording the lessons you learn comes in. If we were to sit down for coffee, could you tell me specifically what your plan is for personal leadership growth? Each of us should be able to very easily. Click hereherehere or here for some posts specific to your personal growth.

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