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America’s ‘Celebrity Pastor’ culture alive and well

Details 30 Dec 2012 Christian Post

Many Americans clamor for celebrities….not only in Hollywood, but even in churches. This creates both a challenge and an opportunity for churches today. The challenge in our “celebrity pastor” culture is to joyfully embrace the need to send out more and more disciples to plant new churches. The opportunity is actually identical to the challenge. It is the incredible privilege to turn attenders and members into church planters.

Why church planting? Because it is God’s method for reaching the lost and making disciples….and it is God’s method for taking your discipleship to the next level. There is a tremendous amount of spiritual warfare that goes on with church planting. Satan hates to see Spirit-filled believers plant new congregations, and so he works very hard to discourage, distract, and divide any group of disciples who pursue this task to the glory of God.

All Christians encounter some spiritual resistance when attending worship services and participating in a small group….but when a group of believers are sent out to start a new church, watch out! They better be “prayed up,” and geared up for the long haul. It will be unlike anything they have encountered in their Christian life, and it will stretch their faith like never before.

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