Steve Chalke speaks out (not exactly the same as coming out!)

Posted: January 16, 2013 by wjfkee in Uncategorized

The Bible and Homosexuality: Part One | Christianity, Sexuality.

Christianity Columnist Steve Chalke calls for a new Christian understanding of homosexual relationships

The government has announced that extending marriage to same-sex couples will ensure the ancient institution ‘is relevant for our century.’ Marriage, however, predates both state and Church – it belongs to neither of them. All of which means there are some extremely complex and controversial discussions to be had about same-sex marriage – which our society will do well to reflect on before rushing to premature decisions.

This article is not about those issues. I’m worried that the noise of the arguments around gay marriage will cloud and confuse the real question for the Church, which is about the nature of inclusion. I am convinced that it is only as the Christian community grapples with this issue that we will find wise answers, not only regarding gay marriage, but also to related questions around the Church’s wider attitude to gay people………..


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