Helping Teenagers Meet God Every Day

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Sacred Pathways Toward Sticky Faith: Helping Teenagers Meet God Every Day | Sticky Faith.

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Beginning in junior high, I learned that there was a “right way” to engage in personal spiritual disciplines. 

It was the “quiet time”—a daily, 30-minute (this was the ideal) time of scripture reading, journaling, and prayer. It was communicated to me, explicitly and implicitly, that this was not only the best, but also the only way to maintain a close personal relationship with Jesus.  

It wasn’t until later in my life that I learned there were other ways I could be with God; ways of prayer and engagement that freed me up to be who I am as I discover who God is. Along that journey I heard about the concept of “Sacred Pathways”—a phrase from a book by Gary Thomas that describes patterns and practices customized to our temperaments that open us up to God. 1 As they do, they open us up to the life God wants us to live.  

When I Meet God as Myself



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