Managing a diverse team…

Posted: June 15, 2013 by wjfkee in Uncategorized

“I can do what you can’t do and you can do what I can’t do. Together we can do great things.” ~ Mother Teresa

Insecure leaders don’t like diversity. They shortchange their organization because they’re uncomfortable with people who have different skills than they do. They’re threatened by the thought of someone else being better than they are in a particular area of leadership. For this reason, insecure leaders design cookie-cutter teams. They want teammates to think like them, act like them, and have the same strengths as them—and to be slightly less competent than they are.

Rather than stocking a team with individuals of similar skills, wise leaders recruit teammates with diverse abilities. They bring together an array of gifts and talents along with an assortment of life experiences to create a well-rounded leadership team. A diverse team has higher capacity than a homogeneous one since it is better prepared to face the wide-ranging challenges of leadership. Additionally, diverse teams have increased influence because each member can tap into a different circle of influence.

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