What do signatures achieve?

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Exposed Campaign.

What is the Global Call?

The EXPOSED Global Call (or petition) is an appeal from ordinary citizens around the world to leaders of the most powerful nations (G20). It will be used in 2014 to influence G20 leaders to agree on anti-corruption action when they meet in Brisbane, Australia in November.

The petition asks decision makers from the G20 to take definite steps towards openness in financial transactions. This will help to stop bribery and tax evasion and ensure funds are freed for the poorest communities in the world.

Click here to sign the global petition

What do signatures achieve?

Governments are already considering anti-corruption measures and we can encourage them to ensure tighter systems are in place to plug the holes in financial flows, making it harder for corrupt practices to flourish. The more we join together in speaking out to governments, the greater the impact we have.

Read more about what we’re asking governments to do below… And watch this space as we embark on the journey to Brisbane!


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