40 Days of Hindsight…..book review

Simon Henry – full time youth pastor at St John’s Moira writes…
“40 Days of Hindsight” was something of a revelation as I began to read it. As a youth worker it succinctly sums ups all the wisdom that I have been trying to bestow on the young people that have been and are under my care – learn from those older than you, learn from my mistakes so you don’t have to make the same ones ! The book is so accessible and bite size, something which is quite helpful – there are often so many nuggets in one short reading, so the short length is great for re-reading and having time to think. For me, at the end of the day before sleeping, or first thing in the morning before your day begins, this “hindsight” acts as a wonderful “thought for the day” with all the contributors pointing towards Jesus in their experiences and musings. It covers a multitude of different areas or challenges that each of us face along life’s journey, and each contributor is (at times painfully) honest in how their different choices, often in adversity, shaped who they are today, always encouraging the reader to keep going with God, because ultimately if we trust Him he will see us through those testing times in our lives. Whether you are 16 or 46 this is a wonderful wee companion to have beside your Bible, and as followers of Jesus it is so important that we share and learn from others experiences and take heed of others “hindsight”.

A definite must read, and re-read too.