The ignite ‘blog’ is moving

Posted: February 15, 2018 by wjfkee in Uncategorized

After more than 16 years of providing a space for collaborative youth ministry the blog and associated resources and features is moving over to a Facebook group page.

The ‘Youth Ministry Network’ group has been on the go for almost five years and has steadily built up a broadly based membership that very closely aligns with the purposes for which was constructed. We believe that this move will prove easier to administrate and naturally allow for much more interactive engagement with leaders and groups.

I hope that you have found Ignite a helpful place in your journey towards supporting young people in the faith and those who work with them.  To access the calendar of events and job vacancies and other features you simply need to be on Facebook and request to join the ‘Youth Ministry Network’ group.

See you there!


Three steps will help you evaluate every new or foreign idea to anticipate if it is a good fit for your organization, and then determine how exactly it will affect your vision, strategy, and values.

Well worth a very quick read..

How Obsession With Youth Hurts the Church (and the Youth)

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Andrew Root—chair of youth and family ministry at Luther Seminary in St. Paul, Minnesota—speaks into this cultural moment with his new book, Faith Formation in a Secular Age: Responding to the Church’s Obsession with Youthfulness. Building on the writings of philosopher Charles Taylor, Root offers a scholarly yet approachable perspective on what youth ministry should look like—and when it falls short.

Essential reading for youth ministers on any continent!

Is FORGIVENESS a Public Health issue?

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Fascinating article from the American Journal of Public Health – maybe we should look at the implications of this for our own wee island here!

Check it out….

Is Christmas for Real?

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Fabulous resources from Bethinking about the evidence around the various aspects of the Christmas story… 

A must read at this time of the year!

David Hutchings and Tom McLeish about their new book ‘Let there be Science:

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Justin Brierley interviews David Hutchings and Tom McLeish about their new book ‘Let there be Science: Why God Loves Science and Science needs God’. David is a physics teacher and Tom McLeish is professor of Physics at Durham university and chairs the Royal Society’s education committee. 

Listen to the full podcast here or sign up to the series for yourself

Waiting for God to act….

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Advent is for waiting. As we tell the story of redemption through the church calendar we begin our telling of the sacred story, not with doing, not with celebrating, but with waiting — waiting for God to act.

Yet most of us — children of a high-tech, high-speed, instantaneous age — are not very good at waiting. It feels too much like doing nothing, and we are the driven ones who take pride in being busy. Waiting is not really our thing.

Excellent article from Brian Zahnd on waiting and watching!