Burnout – it will most likely be your problem..

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Useful infographic on the causes and answers – according to some recent research.

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The Diffusion and Influence of Contemporary Worship

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In the past half century, perhaps no other Christian ministry innovation has been more influential and polarizing than contemporary worship. It has been maligned, celebrated, blamed for church splits (especially during the “worship wars” of the 1990s), credited for congregational growth, accused of fostering shallow, religious consumerism, praised for catalyzing spiritual revitalization among individuals and movements, and so forth. Another example of its contemporary significance is how worship commonly delineates one Christian community from another. Arguing that the choice of worship style has become as defining marker of evangelical communities and functions as a veritable ichthusGreg Scheer posits:

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6 Ways Smartphones Can Enhance Your Spiritual Life

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There’s a knock at the door and you catch your breath. You open the door to a delivery man, sign the electronic scanner, and he hands over a box. Before he has taken two steps away from the door, you’ve already torn through the packaging to reveal a white matte-finished box with embossed logo. You carefully remove the casing and lid to behold in all its glory your latest gadget – a new smartphone.


6 Lies Our Worship Songs Tell Us

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You are what you eat. That’s what they say. So what would you be after nothing but a diet of jelly, custard and the odd sandwich each week? And why eat like that, when there are so many healthier and tastier options? Yet that is how many churches approach their Sunday diet of worship music. Light and often insubstantial, it is unlikely to create healthy Christians.  

More than individual songs, it is the overall impact of our song content that has me worried. I doubt that our songwriters try to deceive us, but taken in bulk, the songs we sing week by week create some startling impressions – and we seem unaware of the following damaging lies that we are being told by this culture:


Philosophy and the Importance of Camp

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Ben serves as the Director of Student Ministry for LifeWay Christian Resources and has served the local church as a student pastor for fourteen years. In addition to his role at LifeWay, Ben is involved in training, consulting, and speaking to student ministries throughout the U.S.

In this episode Ben and John Paul talk about the philosophy and importance of camp in student ministry.

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Only 4 percent of the Millennial Generation are Bible-Based Believers. This means that 96 percent of Millennials likely don’t live out the teachings of the Bible, value the morals of Christianity and probably won’t be found in a church. This author goes deep to explain why.

Very interesting article from Sam Eaton… more here

5 Ways to Find Community Outside Your Comfort Zone

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Our generation is more socially connected than ever, yet so many express a profound lack of spiritual community. When I was 15, I stumbled on a solution for my own struggle in this area.

My family left the church where I was raised and I suddenly became what no self-respecting Christian wants to be: unaffiliated. We roamed for several months, occasionally visiting a Sunday service but never finding one my dad wanted to put on pants for. So, as a young, naïve Christian whose transportation was limited, I created my own makeshift community.

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