5 Questions to Help Pick Your Battles

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Not every conflict, will necessarily be resolved. Sometimes two people may have to agree to disagree and, if necessary, be willing to go separate ways to avoid future conflict. (Read the conflict between Paul and Barnabas in Acts 15.)

Based on the disclaimers listed, here are five questions to help pick your battles:


6 Powerful Ways to End Your Sermon

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How you end your sermon is crucial if you want your sermon to have impact

10 Ways to Cultivate Quality Volunteers

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“As long as they’re breathing I’ll take them!” While we may not have said it, we’ve probably all thought it when it comes to volunteers.

There are times we’ve all asked our pastor to make an announcement to the congregation that volunteers are needed in the kids’ ministry. These tend to be the times we’re focused on quantity. We just need people in the rooms every time the doors are open. We’re desperate.

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Millennials: Bible Readers or Bible Admirers?

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One of the frequent criticisms of today’s young adults is that they don’t know their Bibles “like people used to.” One scholar, writing on contemporary evangelicals as far back as 1997 described them as, “Devoted Bible admirers but not daily Bible readers.” [1]

It’s hard to know empirically how far that’s true. 

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Nothing will change your future trajectory like habits.

We all have goals, big or small, things we want to achieve within a certain time frame. Some people want to make a million dollars by the time they turn 30. Some people want to lose 20 pounds before summer. Some people want to write a book in the next six months. When we begin to chase an intangible or vague concept (success, wealth, health, happiness), making a tangible goal is often the first step.

Habits are processes operating in the background that power our lives. Good habits help us reach our goals. Bad ones hinder us. Either way, habits powerfully influence our automatic behavior.

The difference between habits and goals is not semantic. Each requires different forms of action.

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Ben Sasse: Adolescence Is a Gift, but Extended Adolescence Is a Trap

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During the 2016 presidential race, Senator Ben Sasse, a Nebraska Republican, struck a chord on social media with principled opposition to his party’s nominee, Donald Trump. But his posts on the political scene weren’t the only ones getting attention. That same year, his teenage daughter, Corrie, went away to apprentice at a cattle ranch, where she performed variety of unpleasant, sometimes gross-sounding jobs. Sasse began relaying some of her text-messaged observations to his Twitter followers under the heading “lessons from the ranch.” 

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There is a silent tragedy developing right now, in our homes, and it concerns our most precious jewels – our children. Through my work with hundreds of children and families as an occupational therapist, I have witnessed this tragedy unfolding right in front of my eyes. Our children are in a devastating emotional state! Talk to teachers and professionals who have been working in the field for the last 15 years. You will hear concerns similar to mine. Moreover, in the past 15 years, researchers have been releasing alarming statistics on a sharp and steady increase in kids’ mental illness, which is now reaching epidemic proportions: