Three words every young person wants to hear

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Most of us who are parents also struggle with conversational momentum with our own adolescent kids. If you find yourself in the same “How was your day?” rut as the rest of us, let’s just go ahead and confess together that we are desperate for better language when we connect with our family after work and school.

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50 Questions To Ask Your Kids Instead Of Asking “How Was Your Day”

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A selection of people share some ideas for conversation starters with your children when they come home from school…could be adatped for older teenagers / youth workers !

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7 Things Every Leader Should Know About Working With Millennials

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Given that the eldest Millennials are now pushing 40, a good chunk of your workforce is likely Millennials (they’re hardly kids anymore).  In fact, Millennials are now the largest generation in the labor force, outpacing even the Boomers who are retiring. So it’s rather important we figure the pervasive generational tension out.

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How the Prophet Habakkuk Built an Anti-Fragile Faith

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My son, Luke, is a brilliant soccer player. Even at a young age, he had fantastic control skills and a powerful kick. Luke is also a brilliant artist, appreciating the beauty of the world around him and translating that onto paper with pencil and paint. Unfortunately, this combination was lethal. Luke’s team members had no idea whether he had his eye on the ball or was observing a falling leaf or a pink-petaled daisy. One minute he would be dedicated and deft, the next distant and distracted. By the time he turned five, it was made clear to my son that he had no future in the cutthroat world of our local boys’ soccer team. Unpredictability, it seems, makes relationships, trust, teamwork—and coming out on top—virtually impossible.

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Burnout – it will most likely be your problem..

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Useful infographic on the causes and answers – according to some recent research.

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The Diffusion and Influence of Contemporary Worship

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In the past half century, perhaps no other Christian ministry innovation has been more influential and polarizing than contemporary worship. It has been maligned, celebrated, blamed for church splits (especially during the “worship wars” of the 1990s), credited for congregational growth, accused of fostering shallow, religious consumerism, praised for catalyzing spiritual revitalization among individuals and movements, and so forth. Another example of its contemporary significance is how worship commonly delineates one Christian community from another. Arguing that the choice of worship style has become as defining marker of evangelical communities and functions as a veritable ichthusGreg Scheer posits:

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6 Ways Smartphones Can Enhance Your Spiritual Life

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There’s a knock at the door and you catch your breath. You open the door to a delivery man, sign the electronic scanner, and he hands over a box. Before he has taken two steps away from the door, you’ve already torn through the packaging to reveal a white matte-finished box with embossed logo. You carefully remove the casing and lid to behold in all its glory your latest gadget – a new smartphone.