Face to Face, Faith to Faith

Hi John,

Here is a very brief description for the Face to Face, Faith to Faith programme. Sorry for the urgency as I am pulling the group together to meet next week. Thanks for your interest.

In brief, this year’s Face to Face, Faith to Faith Northern Ireland programme will run from December until Summer 2014. This is an opportunity for young adults from different backgrounds and life experiences, more specifically from different faith backgrounds, to explore issues that concern them.

The core group, with support from F2F Alumni and Project Coordinator, will wrestle with social issues through the lens of faith. The group will choose a specific issue during the programme and design and launch a campaign to deal with the specific issue. There will also be an opportunity to engage with the Northern Ireland Assembly. Throughout the programme, the participants will get an opportunity to meet people from different backgrounds, to challenge others and to be challenged.

The time commitment will be two evenings per month from January and at least one weekend residential. There are plans for there to be at least one international opportunity for participants of this year’s programme.

For more information about Face to Face, Faith to Faith in general, please visit: http://www.auburnseminary.org/programdescription?par=20

There will be an initial meeting for the group on +Tuesday, 17 December at Corrymeela’s office in Belfast.

If interested, please contact Matt Craig, Project Coordinator:    mattcraig@corrymeela.org