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Are we nicer than God? | Christianity, Features

Posted: September 15, 2012 by wjfkee in jobs, Uncategorized

Are we nicer than God?

For some, the essence of Christianity consists of ‘being nice’ to everyone. But is it really a Christian virtue? It was a near-idyllic summer day on the August bank holiday weekend, and my family and I were getting the ferry over to Piel Island off the coast of Barrow-in-Furness in Morecambe Bay. The plan was to stay the night in the island’s one guest house, the Ship Inn, before returning the next day.‘Are ya mad? ’ave you seen the forecast f’ tomorrow? Never mind – we can do y’ funerals be lunch time…’It was hard to take John the ferryman’s dire warnings seriously since he reminded me of George Formby and said them with a toothy smile before adding: ‘We are nice t’ya ’ere!’I write this article in the Ship Inn, crowded with holidaymakers whose tents have blown away. The ferry was delayed until 11am and now it’s been cancelled until further notice. We are stranded. We should have listened to Ferryman John. He was right. He wasn’t nice but he was truthful.I think the contemporary Western Church can learn something from John’s example. I wonder if many of us have forgotten about ‘speaking the truth in love’ and when we read the word ‘love’ in our Bibles subconsciously replace it with ‘nice’.‘By this all men will know that you are my disciples – you are nice.’Nice?Thank God not all Christians are nice.In the summer I had the privilege of hearing Nicky Cruz speak at a church in New York. The 73-year-old evangelist was still as passionate as he ever was about preaching the good news of Jesus Christ and reaching the lost.Cruz had been a hero since I read The Cross and the Switchblade – the story of his conversion to Christ in the 1950s when he was the one of the leaders of the Mau Maus, a Puerto Rican gang in New York City.

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